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You control the suit and its details—lapel Styles, buttons, linings, and more—it’s all your choice - all design by You.

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Tailored Fit
Suits bought off-the-rack rarely deliver a perfect fit. Our high quality garment selection, combined with our attention to detail, will provide a truly unique suit that will fit you like a hand in a glove. See for yourself!

Unique Details
We believe that it's crucial to be able to craft your suit according to your liking. We’ve made it possible to alter dozens of detains, including colors, lapel styles, inner linings, stitching, button holes, pockets, colors and vents to name a few. Inquire about any specific suit choices not listed on our site—we’d love to hear from you!

Quality Fabrics
There is no point in customizing a suit with poor fabric. We believe that top quality fabric is key to a crisp, clean look on your wedding day. Our fabrics are soft, breathable, and designed to age gracefully. Check out our selection.

Specific Measurements
Our custom suits are built using 18 unique measurements in order to deliver a perfect fit. You’ll be able to recognize a huge difference when wearing a suit designed with you in mind, from start to finish.

14 Day Delivery
No need to wait months for your clothing. Our custom suits arrive quickly, with a guaranteed deliver in 14 Business days, anywhere in the US. We also provide expedited shipping at the checkout for faster delivery.

100% Guarantee
On the occasion your suit may require altering, we provide up to a $50 alteration credit for completion at your local tailor. If, for whatever reason, your suit can’t be adjusted at a local tailor, we will pay for return shipping and rebuild your suit—guaranteed!

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